Come Find Flux – CSUN CREST Conference

Last weekend, the Flux Energy team had the pleasure of attending the CREST conference at California State University, Northridge.   It was a day of informative lectures from policy advocates, industry, academics, entrepreneurs and independent consultants.  We learned a lot and were particularly inspired by the following talks.

Dr. Laurent Pilon described UCLA’s upcoming innovative interdisciplinary research program in which collaboration across industry, academic and government institutions will tackle the challenges in Food, Energy and Water Systems.   We are excited to see how this program evolves and keeps pushing Los Angeles to a cleaner, more efficient future.

Dr. Rajat Chakraborti represented large industry players by representing CH2M and describing the innovation and research they are doing in sustainability and water resource management.   Of particular interest for us in Marina del Rey, was the way CH2M is reviewing the impact of rising sea levels on our critical water and waste systems.   Over the next few decades, we will likely see the infrastructure that may be inundated with rising sea levels.

Tom White gave a very inspiring presentation describing the creative and transformative work being done by the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator portfolio companies.  Check out this company making solar powered airplanes!

Flux Energy Systems had the opportunity to present at the conference.   We reviewed how the design process of a solar plus storage program required creative engineering and market analysis.  It was just another example supporting the conference theme: integrating new technologies into existing infrastructure requires the same interdisciplinary collaboration and creative solutions as politics, research and education.  During this project, the Flux Energy Team listened very closely to all of our stakeholders goals and then researched the technical applicability of market-ready solutions.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Thanks to Dr. Abhijit Mukherjee and his team for such an inspiring day!




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