#nationWise Los Angeles

We had a very successful event in Los Angeles yesterday! Thanks gain to our hosts, Grid Alternatives. Over the course of the evening 18 women participated in a lively conversation about the solar industry. We had even representation across the industry: sales, engineering, project management, installation, electricians. Women just getting interested in the industry, or employees at small companies, massive corporations and non profits!

I was thrilled with the conversation – everyone participated and the tone was upbeat and supportive.  (And this was after opening only 2 of the 8 bottles of wine I purchased!) Some of my personal favorite conversations I overheard:

– One permanent resident describing how she transitioned from student visa to green card to a soon-to-graduate international student.

– An electrician talking through the best process to become a journeyman with a women who is returning to the industry after kids

– Sales Reps comparing the ways they got noticed and promoted within their organizations

And this is just a small snap shot of the collaborative discussion.  There were also offers to review resumes and cover letters, a cross-generational appreciation of the opportunities now available for young women and promises to get together to geek out over everything renewable energy related.

Last year, we had four women participate in #nationWISE Los Angeles. I can’t wait to see what comes next year. With that, I leave you with my favorite quote from the evening: “boobies are great for carrying bags of cement!”


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